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Salt Lake City Spring: Revitalize Your Outdoor Oasis

Eric Gardiner

I grew up in Utah and have an extensive local network and many professional experiences relevant to the practice of real estate...

I grew up in Utah and have an extensive local network and many professional experiences relevant to the practice of real estate...

Feb 27 1 minutes read

Design Functional Outdoor Living Areas

With the last of the Wasatch winter waning, it's the ideal time to reimagine your outdoor living space. Whether you're enjoying the panoramic views of the Oquirrh Mountains from your expansive garden or the urban skyline from a snug balcony, Salt Lake City's spring invites you to create a serene escape or a hub for social soirees. Identify your outdoor intentions—be it alfresco dining under the bright stars or a tranquil retreat to unwind—and carve out specialized zones with purposeful furnishings that reflect your lifestyle.

Introduce Vibrant Greenery

Nothing welcomes spring like the vivid hues of new flora. In Salt Lake's diverse climate, consider indigenous plants that thrive locally, like Blue Flax or Utah Serviceberry, to ensure your garden not only stuns but also supports the environment. Limited by space? Adopt urban gardening with chic potted arrangements or a wall-mounted herb garden, infusing your urban nook with green vitality while optimizing your outdoor square footage.

Prioritize Durable Outdoor Furniture

Whether you're outfitting a spacious veranda in the Avenues or a quaint deck in Sugar House, selecting the right outdoor furniture is pivotal. Hunt for resilient, all-weather options, like teak or rust-proof aluminum, to endure the erratic Mountain West elements. Elevate these functional pieces with plush cushions and eclectic throw pillows for a cozy touch that complements the natural grandeur of the Salt Lake Valley.

Enhance Atmosphere with Lighting

Elevate your evening ambiance with strategic lighting that dances across your patio or terrace, extending the warmth of Salt Lake’s dwindling daylight. Intertwine fairy lights among your pergola or unwrap lanterns to mirror the twinkling city lights at dusk. Beyond aesthetics, this practical upgrade ensures your open-air refuge remains inviting and safe throughout those serene spring evenings.

Maximize Outdoor Privacy

In the denser enclaves of Downtown or the historic charm of Capitol Hill, crafting a private oasis might seem daunting. Utilize chic privacy solutions like evergreen plant walls, weather-resistant drapes, or modern privacy screens. Craft your secret garden or hidden haven with strategic greenery and decor that blends seamlessly with Salt Lake's eclectic urban backdrop or its majestic mountain vistas.

Add Serene Water Features

Capture the essence of nature's calm with a tranquil water feature. Mimic the soothing streams of nearby Big Cottonwood Canyon with a compact fountain or a discreet water basin, which can help drown out the city's bustle and attract native birds. A water element is more than mere decoration; it's a transformative piece that infuses peace into your slice of Salt Lake serenity.

Implement Cooling Shade Options

As Salt Lake City transitions from crisp to warm, a shaded refuge can make lounging outdoors during the high noon sun much more pleasant. Consider a tailored awning for a traditional home in Harvard-Yale or an architectural pergola matching the modern lines of a Liberty Wells residence. These features not only offer respite from the beaming Utah sun but also defend your outdoor setting from the seasonal elements.

Accessorize with Personal Flair

Accentuate your outdoor spaces with accessories that reflect the unique spirit of Salt Lake City. Show off a locally woven throw or introduce color with vibrant pillows that echo the palette of a Red Butte Garden spring bloom. Laying down an all-weather rug can add texture and a pop of personality, creating an inviting atmosphere for those quiet Millcreek nights or bustling Sugarhouse gatherings.

Opt for Low-Maintenance Upkeep

Think ease and simplicity when enriching your outdoor quarters. Salt Lake City seasons can be unpredictable, so opting for native plants, resilient furniture, and high-quality materials will minimize your to-do list. The simpler the maintenance, the more time you have to savor the burgeoning beauty of spring, be it the panoramic mountain range or the urban energy of downtown life.

To wrap up, prepping your Salt Lake City outdoor space for the vivacious onset of spring is an opportunity to extend your home's footprint into the fresh air and natural allure of our environment. Whether your retreat is an expansive backyard with a view of Mount Olympus or an intimate terrace in Central City, there's infinite potential to craft a springtime sanctuary. Commence your transformations and prepare to revel in the comfort and vibrancy of the great outdoors!

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